ECG247 has a contract with the Italian telemedicine specialist GVM Assistance to perform ground-breaking telemedicine services. GVM Assistance, part of GVM Care & Research, is a leading global healthcare provider that designs, develops, and delivers innovative, sustainable, and customer-oriented digital healthcare services.

ECG247 has developed a heart monitoring technology which is a system for continuous and long-term cardiac monitoring. The system is wireless and ECG data is transferred directly to a secure cloud storage immediately available to healthcare care personnel.

GVM Assistance is appointed by Axiom Space to provide for medical follow-up and medical research work related to the Italian astronaut Walter Villadei, who is a pilot and crew member of the space shuttle on Axiom Mission 3 (Ax-3). GVM Assistance works in close collaboration with European Space Agency, NASA, and the Italian Air Force on the project.

As part of the medical follow-up, the astronaut has been monitored by the ECG247 cardiac monitoring system provided by ECG247 before and after the spaceflight that was completed in February this year. The task has been carried out successfully.

Finally, the next step in the project is for GVM Assistance to perform live cardiac monitoring of the astronaut in space with ECG247 on an upcoming space flight.