About ECG247

ECG247 is a medically certified sensor for continuous and long-term monitoring of heart rhythm to detect heart rhythm disorders. The product is affordable, easy to use and effective. The sensor provides feedback to the user in real time and immediate notification if possible heart rhythm disorders are detected. ECG data is uploaded directly to a secure cloud storage and is easily accessible for healthcare professionals. The sensor is currently used by GPs, cardiologists and private and public hospitals. The product is also available for self-testing and can be purchased online.

ECG247 is developed and produced by the medical technology company Appsens AS. Together with Sørlandet Hospital HF, the University of Agder and a number of technology partners, AppSens has developed the innovative heart sensor ECG247. ECG247 is an advanced sensor where the electronics are reusable while the electrode is disposable. The electronics part of the sensor can therefore be reused for several tests or for several people. The sensor has advanced algorithms for automatic detection of all serious and common heart rhythm disorders.

The software uses artificial intelligence to improve accuracy. The sensor has both high sensitivity and specificity, and is certified and CE-approved by DNV GL according to Medical Devices Directive class IIa.




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